Move 78

Move 78

Move 78

Move 78

Meet The Band

Virgil The Destroyer

Virgil the destroyer is the only member since the forming of Move 78 back in 68 million BC.  He knows 3 things

  • How to shred on the Bass

  • Meat

  • Social Democratic Goverments

A Bernie Bro since before it was cool, he plays a standard

Yamaha BB435 Bass Guitar

No stickers needed, he eats fascists whole.

Hiduck Jones

Hiduck is a different breed, a Dilophosaurus.  In his free time he likes to study New Wave Iranian Cinematography, do not ask me what that is, I am just the copywriter. 

He does the vocals and there hasn’t been an MC that can spit with the diction quite like Hiduck, known for his ability to connect multi

sesquipedalian words together into a cognitive string


Tim.  Tim is the drummer.

Special Thanks to our family and friends, without you, this would not have been possible.  Please do not think that Tim’s family is included in this, nothing personal.  The fact that this bastard collects any royalties when all his shit is recorded by machine, he is literally there to spin sticks during live show.  Fuck Tim and fuck Tim fans.

Upcoming Shows and Events

What's All This Then?!

We are having a Land Before Time Marathon!!!  You aren’t invited, as we do not have streaming rights for the show.  This doesn’t completely leave you out though, we have our roadie ‘Jamison’ blogging a post for each any every movie as we force him to watch them.  They are our historic allegories, but the band as a whole can’t stand Petrie. And we won’t do it.

All blog posts will have comments open available to the public in case you want to voice your particular opinion of an episode.

This was a weird choice of fonts…what in the Disney Hell is this shit… Where the fuck is the web guy?

It's a tree star! Click it to go to pt one of The First Movie blog, written by our roadie...see special event above.
Part Two Of The Land Before Time Summary